Apple said months ago that an Amazon Prime Video app would be coming to the “later this year,” but the entire summer went by without it ever showing up.

Now, though, MacRumors has spotted a sketchy rumor that’s being spread by a Reddit commenter going by the name of “AmazonVideoEngineer,” who claims we’ll finally see the Prime Video app hit Apple’s set-top box on October 26.

“Some of you will remember my post a while back, in which I warned that Amazon would not launch until at least October 26,” AmazonVideoEngineer said. “We're now just about two weeks from the 26th, and the app is still on track to launch that day. In my time at this job, I have never once seen a release slip this close to a scheduled launch. I am very confident in saying that the 26th is finally the day.”

Two weeks ago, the same commenter claimed in his or her post that Amazon had already finished the app long ago, but that “a of politics” between Apple and Amazon were preventing it from getting to us.

Apples and oranges

That scenario seems likely, as Amazon and Apple (and Google) already got into a tussle a couple of years back when Amazon stopped selling the Apple TV (and Google Chromecast) in what it called an effort to prevent “confusion” among .

The Apple TV 4K briefly an appearance on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, but was banished again almost as soon as it appeared.

Even so, it’s still probably wise to all this with a grain of salt since there’s little proof AmazonVideoEngineer is what he or she claims to be. And, of course, there's a chance those “politics” could still get in the way even if it is true.

The absence of Amazon Prme Video has long been one of the main complaints about the Apple TV from customers, particularly since Amazon now tends to offer a larger library of well-known movies and TV shows competitor Netflix.

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