According to a report by The Journal, Amazon is planning to take on UPS and FedEx with a new shipping service named “Shipping with Amazon” (SWA). The new service will reportedly roll out in Los Angeles in the coming weeks. Ars Technica reports: Aside from first starting in LA, SWA will first serve third-party merchants that sell on Amazon. The company plans to drivers to pick up shipments from these businesses and deliver the packages for them. While shipping and delivery will mostly go Amazon, anything outside of the retailer’s will be given to the USPS and other shipping services for the “last mile” portion of the delivery. In the future, Amazon reportedly wants to open up SWA to businesses that aren’t affiliated with the site — meaning Amazon could ship and deliver packages from companies of all sizes. Amazon also believes it can compete with UPS and FedEx by SWA more affordable for business customers, but its pricing structure hasn’t been revealed.

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