Despite the fact that 60% of its pizza orders arrive digitally, “A growing number of Domino’s delivery customers are casting a critical eye at the company’s online pizza-tracking app,” reports the lifestyle editor at Fox News. “More specifically, they think it’s a bunch of crap.”
Fault-finding app — or “app truthers,” as The Wall Street Journal calls them — are subscribing to the notion that the Domino’s pizza tracker is nothing but a bunch of smoke and mirrors. One user who spoke with the Journal claims his app told him that “Melinda” would be arriving shortly with his order, but when he opened the door, a delivery man he already knew handed him the pizza. “Ever since then, I knew everything they said, I felt, was made up,” he said.
Another man claims the tracker told him his pizza was en route, even though he could see the Domino’s restaurant from his house, and there was no sign of the pizza being out for delivery. Others claim the pizza app told them food had been delivered when it hadn’t, or that there were huge discrepancies between when pies were supposed to be delivered and when they actually arrived. A whole thread on Reddit suggests that the app is just an timer disguised to look like a real-time tracker.
In a statement Domino’s blamed the problem on employees not entering correct , while also insisting that “the vast majority of the time Pizza Tracker works as designed.”
According to the article, “A person who claimed to be a Domino’s employee also said nearly as much in a 2015 Reddit thread. He/she added that the name of the person preparing the pizza — as far as the app is concerned — is usually the manager.

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