rickih02 writes: In 2018, we will enter a new era of machine learning — one in which AI-generated media looks and completely real. The technologies underlying shift will push us into new creative realms. But boom will have a dark side, too. For Backchannel’s 2018 predictions edition, Sandra Upson delves into the future of and the double edged sword its increasing sophistication will present. “A world awash in AI-generated content is a classic case of a utopia that is also a dystopia,” she writes. “It’s messy, it’s beautiful, and it’s already here.”
“The algorithms powering style transfer are gaining precision, signalling the end of the Uncanny Valley — the sense of unease that realistic computer-generated humans typically elicit…” the article argues.

“But it’s not hard to see how this creative explosion could all go very wrong.”

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