“What’s your opinion on the current state of smartwatches?” asks long-time Slashdot reader rodrigoandrade. He’s been researching both smartwatches and fitness trackers, and shares his own opinions:
– Manufacturers have learnt from Moto 360 that people want round smartwatches that actually look like traditional watches, with a couple of glaring exceptions….
Wear 2.0 is a thing, not vaporware. It’s still pretty raw (think of early phones) but it works well. The LG Sport Watch is the highest-end device that supports it.
– LTE-enabled smartwatches finally allow you to ditch your smartphone, if you wish. Just pop you nano SIM in it and party on. The availability is still to a few SKUs in some countries, and they’re ludicrously expensive, but it’s getting there.
Keep reading for his assessment of four -end choices — and share your own opinions in the comments.

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