Leaked images from an alleged Galaxy Tab S3 system dump may confirm details about an entirely different device: 's upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S8.

The images in question – courtesy of Android Police – show instructional art of a smartphone that lines up with the rumored Galaxy S8's design – to include fully on-screen buttons to replace the normal home keys found on the bottom of past Samsung phones.

It was not made clear images of a smartphone were found in a system dump for an unreleased tablet, but it's probable that the devices may share some sort of cooperative functionality.

Image Credit: Android Police

The images show off the new symbol design for the supposed smartphone's virtual buttons – matching up with another recent leak claiming to be Samsung's yet-to-be-announced Galaxy S8 from Benjamin Geskin via .

Also interesting is that the lack of bezel has moved the fingerprint to the back of the phone, near the iris and flash components of the camera. This also lines up with past leaks, including a recent one from reputable first-look extraordinaire @OnLeaks.

Last, but not least, the images show the Galaxy S8 using Samsung's rumored DeX dock, which allows the smartphone to connect via HDMI to an external output like a PC monitor.

While we currently know little about this smartphone/desktop hybridization feature – and like most leaks and rumors, anything regarding the Galaxy S8 thus far should be taken with a grain of salt – we won't be in the dark much longer.

Though the phone is expected to skip this year's MWC event, we suspect to finally get a peek at Samsung's next big thing shortly after.

Meanwhile, the LG G6 is right around the corner

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