Jacob Brogan, writing for Slate: While the Western Hemisphere slept, Bitcoin plummeted. Just after midnight Eastern Time on Friday, the cryptocurrency was valued at a little over $15,000, on the digital currency exchange Coinbase. At that point, it was well below the $19,783 all-time high it had hit the week before. Over the course of the night, Bitcoin began to erratically, occasionally spiking but following a general downward trend. Around 9:22 a.m. Eastern, it hit a temporary floor, valued at a mere $10,400. By that point, it had declined more $6,000 from its -term peak the morning before, having lost more than one-third of its value. Bitcoin wasn’t the only currency hit by a sharp drop. Tech Crunch’s Jon Russell reports that most other prominent cryptocurrencies also fell, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash (which is, confusingly, separate from Bitcoin proper). As Russell notes, it’s hard to say this is happening, “in the same way that nobody knows exactly bitcoin’s price has [shot] up from a touch under $1,000 at the start of the year.”

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