hackingbear a report from Science Magazine: Results reported by a China-led space science mission provide a tantalizing hint — but not firm evidence — for dark matter. In its 530 days of scientific observations, China’s Dark Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) detected 1.5 million cosmic ray electrons and positrons above a certain energy . researchers plot of the number of particles against their energy, they saw hints of an anomalous break in the . Now, DAMPE has that deviation. “It may be evidence of dark matter,” but the break in the “may be from some other cosmic ray source,” says astrophysicist Chang Jin, who leads the collaboration at the Chinese Academy of Science’s Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing. DAMPE’s life span will be extended to 5 years given the excellent conditions of Chinese spacecraft, then it can record over 10 billion cosmic events, allowing researchers to confirm if it is indeed dark matter. Perhaps more significantly, the first observational data produced by China’s first mission dedicated to astrophysics shows that the country is set to become a force in space science, says David Spergel, an astrophysicist at Princeton University. China is now “making significant contributions to astrophysics and space science,” he says. The DAMPE results appear online in the journal Nature.

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