Chinese smartphone Xiaomi, which sells handsets at razor thin margins, is increasingly dominating in its home and emerging places such as India and Indonesia. To money, the company relies on a range of homegrown software in its Android-based MIUI operating system. In a surprising move earlier this week, the company asked its to choose between MIUI and Android One (which runs pure Android OS). Things didn’t go as it had planned. From a report: Presumably the company was rather hoping that Twitter users would vote for its own MIUI which it could then rub in Google’s face — but the poll actually went against Xiaomi. Rather than leave the of the vote up for anyone to , the company decided to simply delete it and pretend it never happened. Take a look at the Xiaomi account on Twitter, and you’ll no hint that any such poll has ever taken place. But over on Reddit, there’s a thread which was started by someone posting a link to the poll. In the comments, one Redditor noticed after a period of voting that: “So far it’s 53-47 for android one.”

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