Since the latest graphics processing units (GPUs) are so popular with cryptocurrency miners, the SETI project — short for “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” — can’t find the graphics cards it needs to expand its operations. The SETI@home project helps provide some computing , as it involves thousands of volunteers who turn the of their computers over to the project, but it’s only a portion of the SETI project’s total computing . Motherboard reports: Searching the stars is intense work that “uses radio telescopes to listen for narrow-bandwidth radio signals from space.” Analyzing all of the data from these telescopes uses a lot of computing . “We’d to the latest GPUs and we can’t get ’em,” Dan Werthimer, chief scientist of SETI, told the BBC. “That’s limiting our search for extraterrestrials.” Manufacturers such as Nvidia are struggling to keep up with demand for graphics cards. It recently told it would rise to meet its manufacturing challenge while focusing on its core market — gamers. It even suggested vendors limit purchases of graphics cards from individual buyers in an effort to stop miners from buying up all the cards. “This is a new problem, it’s only happened on orders we’ve been trying to make in the last couple of months,” Werthimer told the BBC. “We’ve got the money, we’ve contacted the vendors, and they say, ‘we just don’t have them.'”

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