Want to hook your old TV up to the internet without paying a premium? We don't blame you! The good is that’s exactly what the new Chromecast does and, trust us, it’s darn good at it.

It turns out Cyber Monday, the day where products fly off the shelf thanks to their amazing discounts, also applies to Google’s family of pint-sized streaming devices. Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast Audio are all on sale today for less than their already-low regular sticker price.

Here’s where to the best deals on those devices –but, as soon as you’re done here, don’t forget to check out our round-ups of the best 4K TV Cyber Monday sales and best Cyber Monday headphone deals pages as well.

Best Chromecast Cyber Monday deals

Too often, there's a discrepancy between a product's price (what it costs) and its value (how much it's really worth). Thankfully, Chromecast isn't one of those products: it's worth penny. Usually retailing for $35 (30, AU$49), the petite, USB-powered Chromecast offers all of the functionality of boxes three times its size at a quarter of the price. It completely outshines its closest competitors – the Roku Streaming Stick and the Amazon Fire TV Stick – and is ultimately the best bang for your buck. Plus, if you're an Android , you'll even be able to mirror your screen via the built-in cast functionality.

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Best Chromecast Audio Cyber Monday deals

Much like Chromecast, Chromecast Audio rewards users for hanging onto their older tech. It's a quick and easy solution if you're looking to inject some life into your wired , and the investment, affordable as it is, will surely over time with more supported services and features.

At that, music lovers have little reason to resist Chromecast Audio. Music, Amazon Prime Music and Tidal users might be bummed to hear that their apps aren't supported. But, for everything that Chromecast Audio can currently do, it does quite well. device deserves a place in your entertainment center without reservation.

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Best Chromecast Ultra Cyber Monday deals

Don't get us . We still love Google's Chromecast, the minimalistic puck that plugs into the back of your TV and allows you to stream content from your phone or tablet. There's just one problem: it only supports a 1080p resolution.

But that was before Chromecast Ultra. Google's latest supports 4K HDR streaming as well as Dolby Vision, starting with 4K Netflix and YouTube, and then Google Play Movies and TV when 4K content rolls out to the service later this .

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And don’t forget to pick up a Google Home while it’s still on sale today for $99!

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