The holidays are an expensive time, so we’re bringing a special treat: a , Windows program to download every day until Christmas.

We're nearly there! Take a peek behind door 23 on our free downloads calendar to reveal VideoCompressor 2017 –a neat way to compress unwieldy video files so you save and share them more easily.

Download VideoCompressor 2017

You don't need to understand video encoding to use Video Compressor 2017 – drag and drop your file, use the slider to adjust the level of compression and click 'Compress'.

Video Compressor 2017 can handle all the most common video formats, and will save the newly compressed file in the same format as the original.

VideoCompressor 2017

Nothing could be easier to VideoCompressor 2017's intuitive . Download it free today and you'll see what we mean!

Download provided by Abelssoft
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