Hot off reports that Instagram is adding reservation-making features to its picture-sharing app, another feature is coming that will make browsing your feed a little easier on the eyes.

Instagram is adding a screen to go over sensitive content on its service, blurring out photos and that audiences may find “offensive or disturbing.”

According to Instagram, the censor filter applies to posts that don't violate the Facebook-owned social network's terms of service, but have been reported by the community and confirmed as sensitive by a member of Instagram's review team.

The censor screen can be removed with a single tap of the screen, giving casual browsers a chance to avoid coming across unwanted material with minimal intrusion to those who subscribe to such content.

While it's easy to assume the feature is for covering up sexually explicit content, Instagram says the feature is actually geared primarily towards protecting users from inadvertently viewing violent content from organizations exposing animal abuse or human strife, according to The Verge.


Also in the vein of a protected browsing experience, Instagram is also adding a must-have security feature for any app worth its salt: two-factor authentication.

By requiring a second form of verification — in this , a single-use code used during each login — users will have an easier time protecting their accounts and keeping scammers at bay.

Two-factor authentication can be accessed on Instagram's options menu, found on your profile page behind a gear-shaped icon.

While hiding sensitive images helps Instagram users from stumbling upon something they might rather not see, we argue that this feature goes a step further in protecting folks from the less-than-savory of the Internet.

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