“5PM CT is the start of futures trading and the $CBOE website appears to be down,” one watcher posted on Twitter (and his observation was quickly confirmed by other cryptocurrency-watching and confirmed by CBOE). “I’m guessing watching Bitcoin futures start trading is a more popular spectator sport than anticipated.”

Bitcoin futures will also begin trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in eight days. The Street report that the anticipation of that “has triggered wild swings in bitcoin prices over the last week.”

Overall, trading bitcoin futures is a positive development for the cryptocurrency says the research team at Fundstrat… The of derivatives lays the necessary market structure for institutions to allocate cash towards cryptocurrencies, points out Fundstrat…
Short sellers may now express negative views on bitcoin, which could lead to short-term pricing pressure. But the ability for short sellers to hate on bitcoin could be viewed as a longer term positive, Fundstrat says. Shorting essentially true price and means that hedge funds could take bitcoin more seriously. This should the long-term prospects of bitcoin as it broadens sponsorship, Fundstrat believes.

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