Not too long after Linus Torvalds wrote his own Unix kernel, which he called Linux, in the summer of 1991, a magazine was founded enthusiasts to focus on the operating system. For more two Linux Journal has been an authority magazine on all things Linux, often cited mainstream outlets, but it is shuttering doors. In a blog post, Linux Journal’s Carlie Fairchild writes: It looks like we’re at the end, folks. If all goes according to a plan we’d rather not have, the November issue of Linux Journal was our last. The simple fact is that we’ve run out of money, and options along with it. We never had a wealthy corporate parent or deep of our own, and that made us an anomaly among publishers, from start to . While we got to be good at flying close to the ground for a long time, we lost what little elevation we had in November, when the scale finally tipped irrevocably to the negative. Thanks for all the fish.

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