is releasing a free preview of its Quantum Development Kit. “The kit includes the Q# programming language and compiler and a local quantum computing simulator, and is fully integrated with Visual Studio,” reports ZDNet. “There’s also an Azure-based simulator that allows developers to simulate more than 40 logical qubits of , plus documentation libraries, and sample programs, officials said in their December 11 announcement.” From the : Quantum computers are designed to process in parallel, thus enabling new types of applications across a of workloads. They are designed to harness the physics of subatomic particles to provide a different way to store data and solve problems compared to conventional computers, as my ZDNet colleague Tony Baer explains. The result is that quantum computers could solve certain high-performance-computing problems more efficiently. Microsoft officials have said applications that developers for use with the quantum simulator ultimately will work on a quantum computer, which Microsoft is in the process of developing. Microsoft’s goal is to out a quantum computing system, including both the quantum computing hardware and the related software stack.

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