Would you be willing to suffer through a bunch of mobile in order to your grubby mits on some bonus data? Optus is hoping you are, because the telco has just launched an app that does exactly that.

Available on the Google Play store, Optus Xtra will give eligible prepaid customers up to 1GB of bonus data per month, or $2 worth of extra credit on daily plans every 28 days, so long as they’re willing to let targeted ads be displayed on their phone’s lock screen.

The ads that are displayed are static, with the option to view a video version that will help you accumulate more bonus data. Ironically, visiting an ad’s website or viewing a video ad will incur data charges, but simply viewing static ads will only cost you around 20MB of data per month.

In order to make sure that the ads displayed are relevant to you, the Optus Xtra app can be tailored to your interests – can choose from eight ad categories, including beauty, employment, fashion, government and politics, health, money, technology, and travel.

The app was was developed in partnership with New Zealand- start-up, Postr, while the ads are handled by the Singtel-owned marketing technology company Amobee.

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