Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg wants to get a VR headset in every home, and while Oculus ambitions there most likely set with the untethered Oculus Go, in the meantime its Oculus Rift paving the way for the company.

Hoping to tempt fence sitters into the fold in time for Christmas, Oculus is again slashing the price of its complete bundle packs, for a tasty holiday treat for those ready to part with the cash.

Having already reset the price earlier this year to a permanent $399 / 399 for a pack including the headset, two sensors, the Oculus Touch controllers and seven apps (including the excellent Robo Recall), it's now dropping the price even further for a limited time to $379/ 369.


You'll only have a short window within which to grab the headset at this price however, with the deal set to expire at 11.59pm (PT) on December 20.

The deal is through Oculus's own website, but is also been offered through Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg too. It's worth noting however that, while stocks last, Amazon UK is still honoring the even-cheaper 349 Black Friday price that the company set.

Though a base still eludes Oculus, its software offering has gone from strength to strength this year, with great titles like From Other Suns, Lone Echo and Arktika.1 providing some of the most unique gaming experiences of any available at the moment. If you've been holding out, now would be the perfect time to don a headset and dive in.

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