The OnePlus 5T is on the way, and we'll see the anticipated Android smartphone debut week, November 16, the affordable Chinese maker announced today.

We also know the official OnePlus 5T release date: November 21. That'll be the first time you can touch the phone, unless you of course go to the launch event.

Good news, OnePlus is opening up to its “A New View” launch event so that its loyal community can attend – if they can make it to Brooklyn, New York.

There's another catch to attending. You must be willing to pay to be among the first to see the all-screen OnePlus 5T revision of year's OnePlus 5.

How to snag a OnePlus 5T invite

If you really want to test out the OnePlus 5T before the November 21 release date, then you'll have to head to the invite page and show up in person.

It'll cost you $40 (about 30, AU$52) to join the festivities in Brooklyn, and those keynote ticket sales begin on November 8 at 12pm (5pm GMT).

That may be worth it you want to see the latest all-screen phone, but don't want to pay the higher prices of the iPhone X, Galaxy S8, Note 8 or LG V30.

The OnePlus 5T is rumored to include a 6-inch screen with a taller 18:9 aspect ratio, OnePlus 5-matching performance and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Best of all, for all of these high-end specs, OnePlus 5T price isn't to rise significantly.

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