Shortly after the release of the company’s flagship phones, Oppo has announced that it will replace broken screens on any of its Australian R11s and R11s Plus devices free of charge.

Naturally, this generous offer with some caveats, but they’re mostly rather reasonable – the offer six months from the date of purchase but only applies to the original owner of the , who must have bought it from a participating store.

As far as damage is concerned, if droppo your Oppo ’re in the clear, but ’re out of luck if it went for a swim, or if the rest of the phone is cactus. Using the phone in a manner “other than for its ordinary and generally accepted purpose” won’t cut it either, so don’t pretend it’s a chopping board.

If you’re after further information on how to go about replacing your Oppo R11s or R11s Plus screen, head over to the dedicated Oppo Care page.

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