Microsoft's Paris Games presentation has revealed that hit third-person shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be coming to the Xbox Game Preview Program on December 12th.

As the word 'preview' implies, this means the game won't arrive on the console in a finished state, but will see frequent much as the PC version has seen while in Steam Early Access.

At launch the game will feature the much-anticipated 'vaulting' feature, which will make it easier for players to traverse the environment rather than constantly stuck on low walls.

Other tantalising details

However, as confirmed by Eurogamer, it will be some time before the game's other anticipated feature, its desert map, will come to the console version. This is because the map still requires “months of ”.

Although the game is being published with Microsoft for this release, a PS4 release hasn't been ruled out. However, as reported by , a timeframe for this version of the game wasn't forthcoming.

PC fans of the game also have much to look forward to, with a 1.0 release planned for before the end of the year officially bringing the game out of Early Access.

However, this is unlikely to bring an end to the game's frequent updates, as PlayerUnknown himself has confirmed that the plan is to continue to develop and add to the game long into the future.

PUBG has been one of this year's surprise hits, with an estimated 15 copies sold. The game has also become the most player multiplayer game on Steam, with over 2 people playing the game simultaneously.

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