Much as many customers feared in the wake of the NES Classic Mini shortage, the followup SNES Classic sold out almost immediately following its release late last month.

Fortunately, if you missed out, a new batch is already on the way to video game retailer GameStop.

GameStop announced that stores across the US are receiving shipments today and that you'll be able to order the units online on both and GameStop-owned ThinkGeek beginning tomorrow.

After that, GameStop stores in the US should start receiving weekly shipments of the coveted console through the of 2017.

The success of both the SNES Classic Edition and the NES Classic Edition apparently took by surprise, leading to widespread shortages, and subsequent criticism.

But the iconic Japanese game company is attempting to atone for its perceived sins with new shipments such as what we see here, and it will reportedly follow up with new shipments of the NES Classic Edition sometime year.

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You should still hurry

You should advantage of the opportunity if you haven't already, especially with the holiday season on the horizon. We loved the SNES Classic and gave it a near-perfect score in our review, with our main complaint merely being that the cords that come with it are too short. Fortunately, accessory maker 8bitdo is releasing compatible wireless controllers for the unit in December.

The SNES Classic Edition comes packed with 21 memorable games from that area, including the never-officially-released StarFox 2. Shortly after release, we ranked each game from worst to best, but even the weakest of them is still a joy to play. One note: the outside look of the SNES Classic Edition differs depending on which region you're in, much as the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System looked different depending on whether you bought it in the US, Europe, or Japan.

Our review model rocked the look available in Europe, but there should be no difference in the actual gameplay experience with the gray-and-purple design you'll see at GameStops in the US.

Just don't wait too long if you're on the fence. The situation may be better than it was before, but even GameStop's announcement on Twitter comes with a warning that things may change, saying, “Get the most lit console before it's gone.”

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