iPhone 8 deals are now available to buy – the pre-order phase is over – and the phone is now on general sale. That means if you buy today, you'll get your phone tomorrow.

The iPhone X deals are, however, not going on sale until October 27 so if you're after that particular technology marvel you'll have to wait a bit longer.

So are the first wave of iPhone 8 deals like? As you might have expected they're not exactly cheap – in fact, many of the early prices are extremely expensive.

But not all these deals were born equal and if you're careful you can save yourself lots of money. Watch out for certain deals with low data costing more than those with lots of data! Use our price comparison tools below to find your perfect iPhone 8 deal or check out our specific recommendations!

iPhone 8 | 659.95 handset (save 39) | 18GB data | Unlimited calls & texts | 21 per month (12 months)
TechRadar readers can exclusively get the iPhone 8 for just 659.95 (saving 39) at Direct Mobiles in conjunction with a 12 month with EE which gets you 18GB and unlimited calls and texts. A great option if you want to upgrade again next year instead of waiting 24 months! this deal at Direct Mobiles

The best iPhone 8 deals you can buy today:

samsung galaxy s7 deals

iPhone 8 64GB | 150 upfront | 10GB data | Unlimited mins and texts | 39PM
This is definitely the best iPhone 8 deal out there so far today. 150 upfront is not too bad for this phone, but 39 per month for 10GB data on O2 is really good value in relative terms! It's still not cheap, but compared to everything else out there this is the best option! Total cost over 24 months is 1086

View this deal: from Mobiles.co.uk

iPhone 8 64GB | 125 upfront | 5GB data | Unlimited mins and texts | 42.99PM
This is the best iPhone 8 deal from EE we've seen so far and it's quite a bit cheaper than the equivalent deal from last week. 125 upfront is about standard for any new flagship phone, and 42.99 per month for 5GB data on EE with unlimited calls and texts – while not cheap – is the best deal currently available for this phone on this network. Total cost over 24 months is 1156.76

View this deal: from Mobiles.co.uk

iPhone 8 64GB | 20.99 upfront | 26GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | 48pm
Vodafone is an attractive network to go for with the iPhone 8 if you're after lots and lots of data. This deal offers 26GB of 4G data for 48 per month. The upfront cost is a good whack cheaper than a similar Carphone Warehouse deal we featured last week so you're already getting a better deal than some. Total cost over 24 months is 1,172.99

View this deal: at Mobile Phones Direct

iPhone 8 64GB | 79 upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | 60pm
Three is often a good network to go for if you're after lots of data. This is the best big data deal we've seen from the Three network so far. 60 per month is a lot of money though, so only go for this deal if you really need all the data and want to be on Three. Total cost over 24 months is 1519

View this deal: at Three.co.uk

iPhone 8 deals: how much does the phone cost?

The SIM-free price of the new iPhone 8 is 699. That's 100 more than the iPhone 7 cost when it launched in the UK 12 months ago, so while this is not the iPhone X, nor is it what you'd call a cheap alternative. To get the phone on a 24 month contract you'll obviously have to pay a fair whack more than that, so depending on which tariff suits you best you may or may not be better off buying SIM free with a SIM only deal.

When can I pre-order the iPhone 8?

You can pre-order the iPhone 8 right now! The phone will be in pre-order phase for just a week, so you'll get the phone Friday next week – or Thursday if you're super super !

Don't expect a revolution with the iPhone 8. It's essentially a tweaked iPhone 7 with a few enhancements and one or two upgrades. For that reason we wouldn't particularly recommend this phone to anyone with an iPhone 7 – but for those with older phones this could a timely upgrade.

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