Apple's new wireless headphones have proven difficult to find since launch, but we've tracked down the cheapest AirPods prices on the net to make sure you get the best deal.

Stock of AirPods has been getting snapped up at a super fast rate, which isn't great for those of you looking for a big discount. The AirPods' price is undeniably high, but we're in familiar territory here given Apple's reputation for premium items with the cost to .

If you've taken advantage of a cheap iPhone 7 deal or iPhone 8 deal lately, the Apple AirPods rank amongst the best earphones to pair with your new phone. Although, as they're bluetooth, you can pair them with plenty of other mobile phones too and even laptops.

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How much are AirPods?

The official AirPods' price is $159 in the US and 159 in the UK. So you shouldn't pay any more. Although, we have seen some stores cheekily push the price up stock thins out.

At the time of writing, we're seeing that AirPods are mainly available at the official Apple store. They're the cheapest there too generally as the third-party prices at Amazon and eBay have seen inflated prices to the lack of stock.

Once stock is more readily available everywhere though, expect the usual outlets to charge closer to the RRP and, yet, dip it. Fingers crossed we don't have to wait for for that though!

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