Despite being able to imbue a controller with any conceivable color scheme to Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab program, too many controllers out there stick to the basics: either all black, all white or some uninteresting combination of the two.

So, that being said, you’ll have to excuse us for getting a bit giddy when a controller like Microsoft’s new Ocean Shadow Wireless for Xbox One along.

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The controller, which debuted today on, features a faded blue pattern that goes from bright aquamarine to black (“Ocean Shadow,” it?) and a unique set of face buttons, inlaid with aquamarine.

The new Ocean Shadow controller has a textured grip along the back wings and supports Bluetooth for gaming on 10 PCs and tablets. The controller still uses batteries, however, so be sure to stock up on ‘em when you see them on sale.

The Ocean Shadow Wireless Controller goes on sale for pre-order today and expected to arrive on store shelves on February 7, 2017 and cost $69.99 (54.99, AU$99).

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