Alex Hern, writing for The Guardian: Eugene Kaspersky, chief executive and co-founder of the embattled Russian cybersecurity firm that bears his name, believes his company is at the of a “designed and orchestrated attack” to destroy its reputation. Over a short period in the summer of 2017, Kaspersky Labs was the subject of multiple reports alleging that the company had helped Russian intelligence agencies spy on the US, a number of FBI raids on staff , and a nationwide ban on the use of its software by federal government agencies. “This attack and government attack from the United States, it was designed and orchestrated,” Mr Kaspersky said at a press conference in London. “Because at the same time, there was government, there was FBI, there was attack. That is expensive … I mean all kinds of resources: political influence, money, lobbyists, the etc.” When asked directly whether he had ever been asked to help Russian intelligence agencies spy on the US, Kaspersky vehemently denied any such conversations had ever happened saying: “They have never asked us to spy on people. Never.” “If the Russian government to me and asks me to do anything , I will move the business out of Russia,” he added. “We never helped the espionage agencies, the Russians or any nation.”

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