Facebook is rolling out the option to order food straight from its app, with no need to up a separate restaurant page or jump away from the endless scrolling you're doing through your friends' vacation and baby photos.

The Order Food option appears right on the app or menu and gives you a direct shortcut to getting fed, although it's only being tested with a select number of users in the US for the time being. There's no fixed timescale for it to roll out to everyone, reports TechCrunch.

Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow execs won't be cooking up your chosen dishes themselves though – the initiative is the result of a partnership between Facebook and food delivery services Delivery.com and Slice. Both those services are US-only so extra partnerships will be needed this arrives outside the States.

Food for thought

The whole process, from picking your food to paying for it, happens inside the Facebook app. You get a map showing the restaurants near your location that the service, and you can then read reviews, see prices, and get more details before choosing.

Once you've decided how you're going to satisfy your appetite, a screen appears showing when your order is likely to be ready. Some restaurants give you the option of a delivery, but in cases you'll have to get out of the house and pick it up.

The is obviously more convenient for Facebook-addicted users, and Facebook wins because it keeps people inside its app for longer: another step towards Facebook's goal of replacing every single other app you've got on your phone.

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